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The Harvest Ridge story

A community takes its historic gem to higher ground

Year after year, nothing could stop the flood damage. Since the 1930s, the Holmes County fairgrounds recorded heavy rain and flooding, which endangered livestock and fair attendees. In addition, the property was losing money by missing out on playing host to other events throughout the year.


Here’s a brief timeline of the Harvest Ridge origin and how the new landmark provided a safe home to the Holmes County Fair in addition to numerous community, commercial, and social gatherings.


Community supporters first started to talk about relocating the Holmes County fairgrounds to a safer area, out of the flood zone.


Paul Weaver, CEO of Weaver Leather, donated more than 80 acres of land west of Millersburg to the fair for the purpose of creating a new fairgrounds safe from flooding. Sterling Humrichhouser willed nearly $1 million of his estate to support the continued growth and development of the new fairgrounds.


The historic Shreiner Barn was restored, which provided new event space and also preserved a valuable piece of Holmes County’s agricultural heritage.

2016 and beyond

The first county fair was held at the new fairground location and featured expanded facilities, structures, and vendors. Today, Harvest Ridge offers more than 70,000 square feet of event space.



Facility Manager: Tim Hershberger

Office Manager: Pat Martin

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